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I'm Dollie Freeman and this is The Charlotte Mason Mastery™ Show.

I began using this method of education in 1999, just about two months into our first year of homeschooling our Kindergarten daughter. Without local support or knowing anyone who used this method to homeschool their children, I became a student of The Original Charlotte Mason Homeschool Series. 

As I was pushing through this challenging 6 volume series, one quote popped out at me and quickly became my homeschool compass that guided me to use this method from birth to high school to raise self-educating children:

"Self education is the only possible education; the rest if mere veneer laid on the surface of a child's nature." Charlotte Mason

With three of our four children already graduated, one having gone on to Liberty University and is on the Dean's List, plus member of TWO National Honor Societies, I know the first hand power of self education directing the dominate ideas of children into their adulthood. 

I’m on a mission to help you secure smoother and easier days. I want to help you embrace and commit to a homeschool method that raises self-educating children who delight in learning and willingly obey the request of their parents. Join me in conversations about Charlotte Mason’s educational philosophies that empower children to go the right way and grow to fruitful purpose.

In addition to my 'almost' weekly LIVE show, I mentor homeschool moms in how to plan and implement this method of education with The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework

It's time to stop being weary with the endless friction inside your home. 

Let me help you do just that!

Dollie Freeman